Club Sponsors Gender Grade


Objective Meeting Location Volunteer Hours Dues Membership Requirements
1 Lend a Hand Club Leona Nasser, Raida Siyam, Jeena Babu, Basmah Ahmad M & F HS Organise fund raising events and collect money to donate to people in need in local and/or international organisations in addition to sponsoring the Best Buddies Initiative as well. Room 23 Yes None Students who can commit to extra-curricular activities.
2 Yearbook Club Dani Carrivau
Solange Jarjour
M & F HS Provide students with the skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the school Yearbook. Students will learn about teamwork, responsibility and brainstorming. Computer Lab 2 Yes None None
3 Fitness Club Faten Hamzeh
Mandy Nehme
F MS & HS To improve the life styles of our students Gym No 100 Students who can commit to extra-curricular activities.
4 Badminton Club Umair Farooq
Dwayne Brown
M & F HS To learn essential skills necessary to play sports. Assembly hall / Outside Gym No None Students who wants to be physically fit, and also want to reduce stress and anxiety.
5 Table Tennis Club – Boys  Moustafa Abdelghani & Ali Abuzeid
Ahmad Shaalan & Marwan Belhouchet & Elsayed Abuzeid
M MS & HS Enhance the skills of students in table tennis and prepare them to participate in the School table tennis tournament. Assembly hall No None None
6 Girl Scouts Jennifer sears
Alanna Kavanagh
F MS & HS Learn how to become a leader! Fun activities, arts and crafts, earn badges, community service, camping trips and outings.

Girls will be registered through Girl Scouts of New York at a cost of $45.00USD a year. Additional cost of 300 Qatar riyals to the council to help fund council wide and troop activities.

Room 13 No 300 + Registration Fees None
7 Debate Club Abimbola Abidougan
Mathew Rose & Noha Sadek
B & G MS & HS To learn the essential skills of rhetoric and verbal argumentation and to apply them in the competitive context of Qatar National Debate. Room 5 Yes 100 Grades, Conduct and Public speaking skills Plus absolute Commitment.
8 School Craft & Decorations Club Maria Garcia
Olfa Baghni
B & G MS & HS Create with the students small crafts, banners, posters or any other decorations to help the school to look nice, cheerful and engaging, particularly during special events like: Pink Day, International Day, Qatar National Day, Sports Day, Science Fair, Principal’s Awards. Art Room Yes None Students who enjoy Arts and Crafts
9 Chess Club Delbill Calalo
Iqbal Sikandar
M & F MS & HS Room 25 No None None
10 MUN & Public Speaking Club Majida Timimi
Jennifer Sears
M & F HS Mock practice in preparation for the Georgetown MUN Conference. The students  research, debate and practice public speaking skills throughout the year.  Room 24 Yes None Grades, Conduct and Public speaking skills Plus absolute Committment.
11 INJAZ Business Plan Club Nadeem Rajput
Oumnya Lemouda
M & F G10-G11-G12 Students learn more about how to make a business plan, build a prototype to market their own product with the help of professionals in their fields Auditorium Yes None None

*(V): Volunteering Hours

All Clubs run weekly on Tuesdays (2:15 PM – 3:00 PM) starting from Cycle 2