Fees Policy and Payment Schedule

The signature of a parent on the Registration Form or Acceptance Letter indicates that this policy has been read and its terms accepted. DeBakey Qatar has a critical need to adhere to the terms of this policy to meet its financial and budgetary commitments.

The Admissions Office and Finance Office are open during the working day throughout the year and staff will be pleased to provide information relating to the Fees Policy and Fee Schedule. Payments. All payments are to be made to the Finance Office.

School fees can be paid by debit or credit card, by using personal or company checks. Cheks are to be made payable to DeBakey High School. We prefer payment by direct transfer, but please indicate student name, grade level or invoice number.

IBAN Number: QA90KLJI000000010000000007917

Check Payment

Although the school will accept checks from employers, at all times it remains the parent’s responsibility to ensure school fees are paid before each term’s due date, or before a child starts at the School. DeBakey High School, Qatar does not accept payment by cash/post-dated checks.

Fees Payment Due Date

Term 1

September 31, 2019

Term 2

Jan 31, 2020

Re-Enrollment/Seat Booking

May 31, 2020

Fees Structure

School fees can be paid annually or termly (in three equal installments). Fees not paid in full by the due date will be subject to our debt collection procedures and can put your child’s place at school at risk.


Fees (QR)
Re-enrollment Fees/Seat Booking

(Advanced tuition fees – QR. 2,550 and Book fees – QR. 2,550

payable to reserve the seat for next school year)


Application/ Assessment fees

(one-time payment, non-refundable, non-adjustable)


Registration fees

(payable upon acceptance and non-refundable)


Books fees

(payable upon acceptance and non-refundable)


Annual Tuition Fees


Semester 1 Semester 2


Grade 5 & 6

QR. 24,550

QR. 24,550

QR. 49,100

Grade 7, 8 & 9

QR. 24,725

QR. 24,725

QR. 49,450

Grade 10

QR. 27,825

QR. 27,825

QR. 55,650

Grade 11

QR. 30,925

QR. 30,925

QR. 61,850

Grade 12

QR. 34,000

QR. 34,000

QR. 68,000

Fee Cancellation Policy

  • If a student withdraws prior to the start of the academic year, the balance of the first term tuition/book & stationery fees paid will be refunded, except the 612 QR assessment fee, the 2040 QR. Registration Fee or the 2550 QR re-enrollment seat fee for present students.
  • If the family leaves Qatar on short notice (and requires an International Transfer Certificate) then re-enrollment seat fee for existing pupils will be refunded on receipt of the new school Transfer Certificate request.
  • If a student withdraws during the school term, the Assessment fee, Registration fee, Book fee, and Re-enrollment fee, are non-refundable, and the remaining tuition fees are refunded in accordance per the MOE guidelines for term payments:
    • If the student attends less than a week, 1 week’s fees will be charged. (Over and above 1 week’s fees will be refunded)
    • One full month fees will be charged, if the student attends school for 2 weeks or less (Excess over one month fees will be refunded)
    • Two full months fees will be charged, if a student attends school more than 2 weeks and less than one month (Excess over two months fees will be refunded)
    • Entire Term/Semester fees will be charged, if a student attend school for more than one month ( Excess over Term/Semester fees can be refunded)
    • The school management reserves the right to make any exceptions to the refund policy for compassionate reasons, at their discretion.

Refund Policy

  • Refund request email/letter along with the receipt of payment should be submitted to the Finance Department
  • Finance Department will process the check in a week’s time
  • Refund check can be collected from the Finance Department after one week of submission of the request is paid.